What is your refund policy?

We pride ourselves on our customer service. We are a small company. We are legitimate and fair and we operate with integrity. It is our goal to give every one of our members a great experience at our sites.
On that note, we can generally resolve any of the issues that you are having if you let us know. We can't fix any problems that we don't know about. So please communicate with us about any questions, comments or concerns that you may have.

We will generally refund if:

  • You contact us within 24 hours of a forgotten rebill.

    At any time beyond that, we will not refund as we make our rebilling terms and cancellation options very clear and available to you. You may cancel at any time on your own or you may contact us to cancel. We will respond to your cancellation request email to let you know that we have cancelled your membership, so you are never left wondering and you will see a confirmation screen when you cancel online.

  • Our sites are down for an extended amount of time. However, this rarely happens and we'll be glad to add double the amount of your missed login time to your account, or refund.


We DO NOT refund for any of the following reasons:

  •     "I forgot to cancel."

    We make cancellation very easy. You may cancel on your own here or you may contact the webmaster.
ALL of our memberships recur, which was stated on both steps of the join process. You may cancel at any time during your membership and prior to rebilling and still maintain your login ability for the full length of your subscription.

  •     "I just didn't like the site."

    We do not offer free trials. We also have pretty thorough tours which clearly and specifically define what is to be expected from our sites. What you see is what you get, you just get more of it, in higher quality in the members' area.

  •     "My password doesn't/didn't work."

    This may happen for many reasons. We can resolve all of them in a matter of minutes. You just need to let us know.

  •     "The videos don't work."

    Every system is different and we can resolve your video problems for you in almost all cases. But again, you've got to let us know.


We do not issue refunds in any case if the transaction occurred 90 or more days ago.


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